Voice Lessons help singers gain confidence and build performance skills.

Nicole has been teaching voice since 2008 to students aged 12 and up. Her students have performed roles with the Children’s Musical Theater of San Jose, Roberta Jones Jr. Theater, Peninsula Youth Theater, Lyric Theater of San Jose, Starting Arts, and the San Jose State Theater.

Lessons focus on learning healthy singing technique and will include the following based on the needs of each singer:

  • Sight Reading

  • Ear Training

  • Lyric Diction

  • Audition Preparation


Lessons are available at:

Park Avenue Music Center, 1717 Park Ave., San Jose.

Valley Christian Conservatory 100 Skyway Dr., San Jose, CA 95111




  • A willingness to learn

  • A recording device (tablet, phone, small recorder)

  • An assignment journal (tablet, phone, paper and pencil)

  • Water

  • Your music


  • Lessons are given on a weekly basis and payment will be collected on a per month basis at the first lesson of each month. Each student will receive a monthly invoice at his/her preferred email address. Cash or check payments may be made in person.

  • When you sign up for lessons you are reserving your weekly lesson time weather or not you attend the lesson. It is expected that students will make music lessons a priority and schedule other activities around their lesson time.

  • Cancellations: If a student is ill or needs to miss a lesson (fever, vomiting, contagious) notice must be given at least 24 hours before the lesson via email to nicole@thevoiceofnicole.com and the lesson will be made up.

  • If a student cancels his/her lesson on the day of the lesson, the lesson will not be made up or credited.

  • If a student arrives at his/her lesson ill and cannot sing, the student will be sent home and the lesson will not be made up or credited.

  • If a student forgets to come to his/her lesson, the lesson will not be made up or credited.

  • Makeup lessons will be given at one of the two studio locations as time is available. There is no guarantee that makeup time-slots will be available at the same studio location as a student’s regular lesson. If the student cannot arrange to be at the available makeup times offered within the next month, the student will forfeit that lesson.

  • Should a student feel that his/her voice is “not working” that day, and he/she is not contagious, he/she should still attend the lesson. Lessons will help you sing even on the “bad days.”

  • Student agrees to purchase any music required for voice lessons and agreed upon by Ms. Cooper. Every attempt is made to keep this cost at a minimum.

  • Students are encouraged to bring all music to lessons which is being practiced or performed in public. This includes musicals, solos, outside performances, or any gig which requires solo singing.


All Studio Policies are at the sole discretion of Nicole Cooper and are subject to change at any time.

My daughter has been receiving voice lessons from Nicole for several months now. These lessons have improved my daughter’s understanding of music overall, improved her grades in choir, and boosted her confidence when it comes to singing in front of family members.
— Jennifer T., Parent